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Translation Cafe was established in 2006. For the past ten years, we have been providing our clients with top quality specialised and certified translation as well as interpretation in all of Poland and abroad.

We offer translations from all European languages into Polish, and from Polish into other languages. Our top specialisations are Polish, German, and English. Translations are handled by native speakers of the target language, accompanied by quality bilingual editing and proofreading.

We translate technical documents: from instruction manuals, through building documentation, to patent applications. We offer marketing translation of websites, catalogues, pamphlets, product packaging, tourist materials, as well as all kinds of documents and contracts. In short, no industry is a stranger.

We approach every job individually and choose the translators and proofreaders capable in the given field with command of professional terminology and standard linguistic customs.

As highly trained and qualified native speakers of Polish, we are true professionals and experts in the field. We cooperate with the top translators in country and always select the best suited professionals to your legal, technical, medical or marketing translation requirements, offering the highest quality services each and every time.

We also provide editing and proofreading services for Polish materials.



Purpose of the translated text

We always try to meet the client’s expectations – every translation has its specific purpose and appropriate target group. When we know the purpose, we can plan our work, choose the best-suited translators, proofreaders, and, if necessary, editors, to provide a translation product satisfactory to all – to us and to our clients.


Our translators – the best in their fields

All translations are subject to verification and evaluation, which is why we only employ proven translators, the best in their specific fields. Thanks to our long-time cooperation and verification of all of their work, we are aware of their strong points and know who is best-suited to the given job.

Other than degrees in language studies, many of our translators also hold diplomas in other fields – some of them are engineers, pharmacists, sociologists, or economists. Another important aspect is their experience from direct cooperation with companies at e.g. construction sites or in production halls, which provide translators with excellent understanding of the processed text and awareness of the client’s priorities.



From the very beginning, our top priority was quality. We can proudly say that we are able to guarantee it, which is evidenced in the continually growing number of satisfied clients, long business partnerships with companies convinced of our top translation quality, and low number of complaints in comparison with other offices in our profession.


Process and cost optimisation

It is important to know the purpose of the ordered translation. When we do, we can adapt the translation process and choose the best translators and proofreaders for the job, for example:

- translation of instruction manuals periodically updated by the client is best with Trados software, which lets the client save up to 80% of the costs of subsequent translations;

- guides are translated to English by a native speaker and we immediately arrange the time for free-of-charge proofreading of the publication with the client before its printing;

- marketing texts often require additional editing or localisation.

The Team

Our team includes office workers and numerous Polish and foreign out-of-office translators handling everyday business.

Onsite team:

Aleksandra Niedośpiał – owner, German translator

Krzysztof Wojda – Managing Director, Project Manager

Paulina Tomasiewicz – Quality Assurance Manager, Project Manager

Renata Serednicka – Sworn translator of the German language

Urszula Korohoda – Project Manager, Polish language editor



We are always looking for more translators and editors. Join us! Please fill out and submit our application form. We are looking for the best!

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