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Editing and proofreading

All materials for publication – in both paper and electronic format – require professional editing, where form is just as important as substance. Our clients have different texts: from websites and promotional materials through business documents and instruction manuals to publications of textbooks or tourist guides. All texts are processed by a specialist in the given field, but stylistic errors have a tendency to stay under the radar of even the best eyes. To guarantee that the text will be well-received, professional editing is recommended.

Translation Cafe offers editing and final proofreading of texts for print and other forms of publications, including online.


Editing covers comprehensive text processing in scope of style, punctuation, orthography, syntax, lexicon, and logical cohesion of the whole content.


Proofreading is the final stage of preparing the text for publication, which sees elimination of potential linguistic errors – with special focus on typos, missing characters, hyphenation – and development of the material in scope of composition and typography, i.e. making sure that the graphical page arrangement is correct.


The best way to go is to combine both services, but, at the request of the client, we provide editing or proofreading alone. The editing price starts at PLN 5 per page of 1800 characters with spaces. If you would like to learn the precise price, please send us your text for free quotation.

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