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Operating standards


Purpose of the translated text

We always try to meet the client’s expectations – every translation has its specific purpose and appropriate target group. When we know the purpose, we can plan our work, choose the best-suited translators, proofreaders, and, if necessary, editors, to provide a translation product satisfactory to all – to us and to our clients.


Our translators – the best in their fields

All translations are subject to verification and evaluation, which is why we only employ proven translators, the best in their specific fields. Thanks to our long-time cooperation and verification of all of their work, we are aware of their strong points and know who is best-suited to the given job.

Other than degrees in language studies, many of our translators also hold diplomas in other fields – some of them are engineers, pharmacists, sociologists, or economists. Another important aspect is their experience from direct cooperation with companies at e.g. construction sites or in production halls, which provide translators with excellent understanding of the processed text and awareness of the client’s priorities.



From the very beginning, our top priority was quality. We can proudly say that we are able to guarantee it, which is evidenced in the continually growing number of satisfied clients, long business partnerships with companies convinced of our top translation quality, and low number of complaints in comparison with other offices in our profession.


Process and cost optimisation

It is important to know the purpose of the ordered translation. When we do, we can adapt the translation process and choose the best translators and proofreaders for the job, for example:

- translation of instruction manuals periodically updated by the client is best with Trados software, which lets the client save up to 80% of the costs of subsequent translations;

- guides are translated to English by a native speaker and we immediately arrange the time for free-of-charge proofreading of the publication with the client before its printing;

- marketing texts often require additional editing or localisation.

Trados software

Translation Cafe uses Trados software mainly for technical materials, big instruction manuals, documents with numerous repeating segments, and documents requiring periodical updates – thanks to the translation memory base during the first job, each subsequent translation will be done faster, at lower cost, and stay true to the previous versions.

Trados does not translate on its own – we match every client with the translators best-suited to the client’s field. Trados is only a tool for professional translators and assists the translations process with its special functions such as text analysis, division into segments, translation memory, and professional terminology glossaries. It should never be confused with auto-translation!

Trados optimises translation costs through analysis – it shows in advance how many sentences (segments) require translation and how many are recycled in the provided files. This can save a lot of money because the office charges only 30% for recycled content – the client only pays for its proofreading.

Trados ensures cohesive terminology in all materials translated for the client. Even if the translation process is handled by several translators, they all use the translation memory (TM) created specifically for each client. Translation memory contains previously translated terms, expressions, and entire text fragments. A translator using TM does not translate already translated segments all over again and only proofreads them, which guarantees cohesive terminology and style in all products for the given company.

Trados software can also create dedicated glossaries, i.e. dictionaries with specific terminology used by a specific company. This means that the terminologyonce arranged with the client will be used in all of said client’s translations.

The Code of Good Practices of the Polish Association of Translation Companies

In 2014, Translation Cafe joined the ranks of the Polish Association of Translation Companies, Poland’s top organisation in our profession, which associates professional providers of translation services.


As a member of the Polish Association of Translation Companies, we are up to date with all innovations in the translation business – the Association actively contributes to the developments of important international organisations such as EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies), OASIS, or ISTC (Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators).


See certificate

To ensure top standards of customer and translator service and optimal translation quality, Translation Cafe also obeys the Code of Good Practices of the Polish Association of Translation Companies.


The code establishes the rules and standards for professional translation services provided by members of the Polish Association of Translation Companies. It serves as an additional guarantee of quality for our business partners and translators.


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ISO 17100 standard

ISO 17100 Translation services is an international standard approved by CEN in three official languages: English, French, and German, specifying the norms and regulations for translation projects and required qualifications of translators, proofreaders, and editors.

In June of 2015, ISO 17100 was approved by the Polish Normalisation Committee and released in Polish as PN-EN ISO 17100 to replace the previous PN-EN 15038 standard.

From the very beginning, Translation Cafe has been obeying the recommendations of the standards and its own internal quality system, ensuring translation quality by providing the best-suited experienced translators, proofreading, and, if required, editing.

We are currently preparing the office for certification of compliance with the requirements of professional standard PN-EN ISO 17100. We are certain that the standard will make our multiple-aspect translation process even more efficient and will serve as clear evidence of the top quality we provide to our clients.

Guarantee of confidentiality

When you entrust your materials for translation, you are handing over priceless information. We are aware of the tremendous faith you put in us and guarantee top data protection and full confidentiality. Other than perfect translation, our top priority is to preserve the confidentiality of the entrusted documents. We guarantee information safety and confidentiality through the following means:

  • Application of innovative IT solutions and securities. The documents we receive for translation are kept on a safe and password-protected server, which can only be accessed by employees trained in scope of data protection. At your request, materials provided in electronic format can be secured by the WinZip encoding algorithm.

  • Confidentiality clause – under penalty of fines, our translators and employees are obliged to preserve confidentiality of the information provided by the client and information concerning the services provided to the client.

  • Obedience of appropriate internal procedures aimed to protect personal information and trade secrets.

  • At your request, we undertake to delete the completed translations and the source materials completely and irreversibly from both our own carriers and the carriers of our subcontractors. Documents provided in paper format, e.g. by fax or courier services, will be subject to shredding after the job is complete.

  • The building where our office is located is subject to 24/7 security and CCTV monitoring both outside and inside. Access to the building is controlled.

Data and information protection is a top priority at every stage of the order and the so-called “sensitive data”, i.e. your personal information, will never be released to any third parties for marketing purposes.

Opinions of our clients and translators

I am very satisfied with my cooperation with Translation Cafe. Efficient and polite communication with the office, negotiable deadlines, and, most importantly, payment always on time. I can sincerely recommend the company to everyone!

Tomasz Wróbel – German translator

Translation Cafe is a professional translation office made up of competent and passionate people. Its advantages include punctuality, internal proofreading of written translation jobs, and a good location. For written translations, the translator receives exhaustive information concerning the subject and feedback from the client afterwards. Another important factor is punctual payment.

Katarzyna Danielczyk – certified English translator

The communication has been wonderful from the very beginning of our cooperation, since 2013. Every stage is handled professionally: from the translation order, through proofreading, to the always punctual payment. But the company’s professional approach is verified best in instances of unforeseen complications with the translation job, which require urgent and effective solutions satisfactory to both the client and the translator. In this aspect, Translation Cafe has no equal and is definitely one of the most credible offices I ever had the pleasure of working with.

Radosław Drabczyński – English translator

They trusted us

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