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Marketing translation

Marketing translation is one of our fields of expertise! We understand that when the client entrusts us with the translation of a website, pamphlet, menu, or catalogue, we must take care of more than just the pure translation. Our goal is to provide a text in the target language encouraging potential consumers to buy our client’s products or services.

This is why marketing materials – much like fine literature – require professional translation with awareness of the target, which is presenting the company’s image in a positive light and encouraging the customers to take advantage of the offer.

Not all translators can prepare texts like this and we have a narrow group of proven translators who specialise in marketing. Our clients often ask for a specific translator whose style they are already familiar with from previous jobs.

There is also the option of having samples prepared by several translators for the client to choose. All marketing translations are also subject to editing to a satisfactory result and fulfilment of the purpose – to help improve the sales of your products and services on the market of the target country.

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