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Tourism translation

We absolutely love translating tourism materials! Throughout our history, we have prepared hundreds of tourist guides, maps, information plaques, brochures, catalogues, and audio guides for Polish publishing houses and clients from abroad.

Tourist translations have two priorities. The first is so-called light penmanship – the text must be easy to read and encourage the reader to take a trip or visit someplace special. The second, which is just as important, is precision – the translator must have knowledge of the regional history and double-check proper nouns and terms such as “go right” or “go left” in the route descriptions.

Here at Translation Café, all tourism translations are prepared by native speakers of the target language – which ensures that the text will be easy to read. Subsequently, the translation undergoes extensive verification, during which we check if the translator has not overlooked any of the text and understood all the content. The final process is editing to make the text ready for printing.

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