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Certified English translator in Kraków

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation, sometimes referred to as sworn, is a specific type of a translation which can only be performed by an authorised person, i.e. a certified translator. It is certified and bears the stamp of the translator together with their signature and a special formula, which contains information on the type of document submitted for translation, its language, the language into which it was translated and whether the translation was performed on the basis of an original document or a copy of the original. The translation also includes the document's number in the translator's repertory.

Who is authorised to perform a certified translation?

A certified translation may only and without exceptions be performed by a certified translator, one who has been authorised by the Minister of Justice, and their surname figures on a generally available list of certified translators at the Ministry of Justice. The principles for performing such translations are governed by TEPIS – a certified translator's professional code and the Certified Translator Act.

In order to become a certified translator one is obliged to pass a test supervised by the National Examination Commission.

When is a certified translation required?

A certified translation is necessary when translating legally valid official documents which are to be submitted to government offices. A certified translation is also legally valid. Such documents include all sorts of certificates: birth, marriage, death, employment, school graduation, vehicle registration documents as well as court or medical documents.

Certified translations – English

We work with a number of experienced English certified translators, located in Kraków as well as other cities in Poland. They include British, American and Polish law specialists as well as experts when it comes to law in other jurisdictions where English is the official language. Translations from and into English are one of our most popular services and as such we have an extensive track record within this area. We are also able to offer short turnaround times: a standard documents such as a birth certificate, a marriage certificate or car registration documents may be ready the next working day.

When it comes to communicating internationally, English is one of the most powerful languages. Currently it is considered to be a universal language. As such it is no wonder that the demand for English translations is increasing consistently. Translation Cafe meets this growing demand head on by delivering professional translation services into English and from English. We carry out certified translations of all types of documents. Additional in-house proofreading of translations guarantees accuracy and precision.

Ordering a certified translation

To order a certified translation into English or from English of a given document, all you have to do is send us a scan or photograph (important: it has to be legible, every stamp or signature is important) of the document to be translated. A quote will be drawn up one a project manager analyses the document. The translation quote is free of charge and there is no obligation to order the translation. To place an order, complete an order form which we will send to you via e-mail. If the translation has to be carried out on the basis of an original document, then the translator has to see the original documents and those will have to be delivered to us.

You can also come to our offices located at ul. Morawskiego 5 to personally drop off the originals, get a quote and complete an order form.

What else is there to know about certified translations?

A certified translation holds the rank of a document. A certified translator performs a translation on the basis of an original document or on the basis of a provided copy – appropriate information is shown in the header of the translation.

According to the law, a certified translator, registered in Poland can only translate into or from Polish.

We carry out certified translations of documents such as:

• birth certificates,
• marriage certificates,
• death certificates,
• wills,
• vehicle registration documents,
• purchase invoices,
• university graduation certificates and course completion certificates,
• student status certificates,
• end of year school reports,
• certificates of employment,
• identity cards,
• national ID cards,
• driving licences,
• financial documents,
• KRS,
• certificates of residence,
• powers of attorney,
• notarial deeds,
• insurance policies,
• medical documentation,
• doctors' notes,
• employment contracts, lease agreements and others.

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