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Technical translation

Most of our jobs are technical translations for various sectors of the industry. They include installation manuals and instruction manuals for e.g. home appliances, telephones, GPS units, and vehicles. Our work includes big projects of wind farms and nuclear power plants, state-of-the-art electrical power and heating plants, and international flood protection systems, as well as over a hundred patent applications for various inventions. We also translate documents of entire company production lines.

Technical translations are prepared by translators with considerable experience in the given field, often engineers. This is important, because technical translation requires more than just great command of the language. It is equally important to know the specifics of the industry and have a technical imagination – the translator must understand how the given device works and know the professional terminology. A dictionary is not much help; the translators have to be up to date!

Most technical translations are prepared with Trados software, which guarantees cohesion of terms in all translations for the given client, creates dedicated glossaries with professional naming, and reduces the costs in instances of repetitive content.

During the first translation for a new client, we create a dedicated translation memory, which is applied to all subsequent translation jobs and recognises all repeating sentences and phrases as already translated – thus considerably reducing the costs.

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