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Patent translation

We have a proven team of translators and proofreaders, who know the naming customs required by the Polish and European Patent Offices. We know how to translate patent claims to correctly define the protection scope of an invention. If the need arises, we consult the patent agent.

We have translated over a hundred patent applications, copyrights, and industrial trademarks, as well as letters of dispute, mainly from German, English, and French to Polish and from Polish to German, English, and French.

All patent applications concern different fields and require expert knowledge in its scope, which is why we have developed a two-stage patent translation system.

1) The translation is prepared by an expert in the given field – e.g. pharmaceuticals, computer sciences, or mechanics – who is up to date with the current technical standards and finds it easy to understand the innovative aspect of the given invention. We provide the translator with a glossary of terms and patent translation guidelines prepared together with the patent agent.

2) Next, the translation is verified by an individual trained in translation and proofreading of patent applications and proper claim formulation. Any questionable issues are subject to consultation with the translator and, if required, the patent agent.

The two stages presented above ensure top translation quality.

Document types

  • patent applications
  • trademarks
  • industrial models
  • patent reservations
  • protection scope disputes
  • forms and applications

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