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Translation for publication

From our very beginnings over ten years ago, Translation Cafe has been preparing translations for publishing offices. Our clients have always appreciated the quality of our translations and we appreciate their trust and continuing business.

Translation from a foreign language to Polish is performed by a translator specialising in the given field. Subsequently, the translation is subject to editing and proofreading, providing the publisher with material optimally prepared for print.

Translations from Polish to foreign languages are always prepared by a competent translator, native speaker of the target language. The text is also subject to proofreading by a different translator.

If required, we also provide the additional service of editing by an expert in the given field.

To avoid translation errors and ensure proper text format, we offer additional technical proofreading after the material is filed for printing.

If you would like to check the quality of our services for yourself before ordering translation of big publications, we will be glad to perform a free-of-charge sample translation and provide references from the publishing offices we work with. To arrange the details, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

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