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Consecutive interpretation

We work with competent and trustworthy translators who perform specialised consecutive interpretation at e.g. training courses, business meetings, or workshops and certified consecutive interpretation at e.g. notary public offices, courts, and offices. We offer interpretation services in Poland and abroad.


Consecutive translation is priced by two-hour blocks with minimum net price (for the first two hours) of PLN 500. For longer jobs, we add PLN 100 net for every subsequent hour of the translator’s work. For a more precise quotation, please contact the office for details concerning the time, place, subject, and language.


If possible, it is recommended to order oral interpretation appropriately ahead of time: roughly 3 days in advance for main languages such as English, German, French, or Russian and even a week or two in advance for less popular languages. But we will always do our best to help you, even when you need a translator on the very same day.

Types of translations

Consecutive specialised interpretation:

  • business meetings

  • professional fairs

  • training courses, seminars

  • workshops

  • picking up visitors from the airport

  • casual conversations

  • assistance during phone calls

Certified oral interpretations:

  • notarial deed signings

  • civil weddings

  • court testimonies

  • for offices

  • for prosecution

  • for customs services

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